Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sysdig Targets Container-Native Monitoring

Sysdig, a start-up based in San Francisco, announced the general availability of its “container-native” monitoring solution along with $10.7 million in Series A venture funding.

Sysdig, which describes itself as "the container visibility company," has developed the first monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting platform specializing in container visibility. The Sysdig Cloud performance management solution uses patent-pending "ContainerVision" technology" to monitor the entire architecture using its own stand-alone container, with zero configuration.  This enables deep visibility into every other service running in the environment. In other words, Sysdig Cloud is monitoring as a microservice. It is available as software as a service.

“Containers are by their very nature dynamic, isolated, lightweight, and portable,” said Loris Degioanni, CEO and founder of Sysdig. “These characteristics have put containers at the heart of the current revolution from monolithic apps to microservices. But these same characteristics also make containers impractical to monitor with traditional, agent-based methods. What the market is demanding now is a new, ‘container-native’ performance management approach that both respects the core principles of containers and enables their core benefits.”

The recent funding round was led by Accel and Bain Capital Ventures (BCV).  This latest round of financing brings Sysdig’s total funding to date to $13 million, including a previously undisclosed $2.3 million seed funding round led by BCV in June 2013.


  • Sysdig is headed by Loris Degioanni (founder and CEO), who was instrumental in the creation of WinPcap and Wireshark.

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