Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ixia Ships its Private and Hybrid Cloud Visibility Solution

Ixia has enhanced its Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) platform with single-pane-of-glass visibility into hybrid cloud deployments, allowing a unified view of the entire network.

The new major capabilities delivered in this release include:

  • Unified visibility for virtual and physical networks under a single management interface
  • Intelligent routing of application traffic
  • Double the available interconnects with existing hardware
  • High speed visibility with the 4x40Gbps Advanced Feature Module (AFM) hardware
  • Enabling visibility without borders - Insight into Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Ixia said its graphical user interface, patented dynamic filtering technology and "virtual tap" enable visibility into hybrid cloud deployments. Ixia’s NTO now controls a consolidated data flow from physical and virtual networks that can be then shared with existing security and application performance tools. This extends their life through the virtualization migration, leveraging existing infrastructure and reducing transition risk.

Ixia is also announcing the availability of a new advanced 160Gbps feature module, with 4x40Gbps interfaces. This module supports all existing packet grooming features such as de-duplication, slicing, stripping and tunnel termination.

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