Monday, July 13, 2015

Intel Previews Enhanced Lustre File System for HPC

Intel previewed a number of new features coming in its Enterprise Edition for Lustre 2.3, including support for Multiple Metadata Targets in the Intel Manager for Lustre GUI. Lustre, which has been in use in the world’s largest dataccenters for over a decade and hardened in the harshest big data environments, leverages an object-based storage architecture that can scale to tens of thousands of clients and petabytes of data.

New capabilities will enable Lustre metadata to be distributed across servers. Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre 2.3 supports remote directories, which allow each metadata target to serve a discrete sub-directory within the file system name space. This enables the size of the Lustre namespace and metadata throughput to scale with demand and provide dedicated metadata servers for projects, departments, or specific workloads.

Intel is also preparing to roll out new security, disaster recovery, and enhanced support features in Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre 1.2, which will arrive later this year. These enhancements will include network encryption using IPSec, the ability to recover a complete file system using snapshots, and new client mounting tools, updates to instance and target naming, and added network testing tools.