Thursday, July 9, 2015

Corning Intros 8-fiber Optical Cabling

Corning introduced a modular, tip-to-tip optical cabling system featuring an eight-fiber (Base-8) design for use in data centers and storage-area-networks.

The Corning EDGE8 solutions optical cabling system uses eight-fiber MTP connectors.  The company says this make it easy to match the fiber count in the backbone of data center networks and SANs with Base-8 Quad Small Form Factor Plugable transceivers, resulting in full fiber utilization, streamlined 1:1 port mapping, and up to 50 percent reduction in link attenuation by eliminating the need for conversion modules. EDGE8 furthers the benefits of Base-8 design with pinned MTP trunks that enable simple patch cable deployment and optimized harness mapping, resulting in no unused fiber/connectors. EDGE8 modules also offer a 30 percent improvement in insertion loss, resulting in longer duplex link distances.