Friday, July 17, 2015

Cinarra Raises $20 Million for Deep Mobile Data + Advertising

Cinarra Systems, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California announced $20 million in Series B funding for its analytics ecosystem for mobile operators and advertisers.

The funding was led by Japan's SoftBank Corp., in participation with Alma Capital and Cisco Systems. In addition, Cinarra has begun joint business operations in Japan with SoftBank, offering new opportunities for Japanese advertisers to engage with consumers. SoftBank has introduced the service to its network in Japan, operating a targeted advertising platform.

Cinarra said its mediation platform eliminates the complexities of integrating operator and advertising platforms, while addressing head-on the issue of consumer data privacy.

“Our relationship with SoftBank signifies a fundamentally new phase for Cinarra,” said Alex Zinin, co-founder and CEO of Cinarra. “With SoftBank’s investment and partnership, we are in an excellent position to be the first to establish a global platform that is open for mobile operators and advertising platforms in Japan and around the world, enabling them to participate in a new business model that will drive the next phase of growth for the mobile Internet economy. With this foundation, the opportunities created by the platform will expand beyond the telecom and advertising industries.”

“Growing needs in mobile communication have propelled us into a new mobile Internet economy,” said Ken Miyauchi, President & CEO of SoftBank. “The next phase of the industry evolution requires a new technology to leverage the ‘always on’ consumer lifestyle. Partnering with Cinarra, whose technology and direction align with our vision of a new Internet economy, is strategic to our business. We are confident that our investment and partnership will further enhance our services for customers.”