Friday, July 24, 2015

Aliyun Vows Data Protection for Customers

At its inaugural Data Technology (DT) event this week in Beijing. Alibaba's Aliyun division announced its Data Protection Pact - a pledge to customers and partners to protect the privacy and integrity of their data.

Here is Aliyun's statement to the technology industry and the entire society:

  1. Customers, such as individual developers, companies, governments, and social institutions, have absolute ownership over any and all data generated on the Alibaba Cloud Computing (Aliyun) platform, including the rights to freely and safely access, share, exchange, transfer or delete their data at any time.
  2. Customers have the right to select whatever services they choose to securely process their data. This data cannot in any way be altered or transferred by Alibaba Cloud Computing (Aliyun).
  3. As such that banks are obligated to protect clients' financial assets, the obligation also falls on Alibaba Cloud Computing (Aliyun) to protect our customers' data. It is the responsibility and duty of Alibaba Cloud Computing (Aliyun) to establish a set of strict management, control and internal audit systems, as well as strive to continuously improve our threat protection, disaster recovery and other capabilities to strengthen the protection we offer to customers regarding data privacy, integrity, and accessibility.

During Data Technology Day event, Aliyun presented its full landscape of cloud-computing products and solutions. Aliyun has developed more than 14 cloud products and 50 solutions for enterprises and individual developers across eight sectors, including gaming, multimedia, e-government, medical treatment, IoT, and finance. Additional solutions are provided by more than 200 companies partnering with Aliyun.

New solutions from Aliyun include Solid State Drive (SSD) cloud storage servers with strong read-write capability, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) systems used to build hybrid cloud and cloud databases compatible with Oracle systems, and batch computing services used in gene sequencing and computer-graphics rendering.

"The huge amount of data and advanced computing capacity has brought great business opportunities to the industry," said Wensong Zhang, Chief Technology Officer of Aliyun. "Deep learning and high-performance computing have been widely adopted in Alibaba Group for internal use. Aliyun will roll out high-performance computing services and accelerators based on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology that could be applied in image recognition and deep learning to expand the boundaries of business."