Friday, July 17, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Demos 8 Tbps per Fiber Pair on Transatlantic Cable

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN) demonstrated an optical transmission capacity of 8 Tbps per fiber pair on the Apollo South transatlantic system, which connects France to the United States.

The test used ASN's current generation 1620 Light Manager submarine line terminal, equipped with the latest 100 Gbps technology and made use of innovative detection techniques and advanced error correction coding. ASN said it employed proprietary modulation and pulse shaping schemes to counteract the signal distortions and noise that impact high speed, long-distance transmission performance.

Richard Elliott, Managing Director of Apollo said: “This new demonstration further proves the technological lead of the Apollo system in offering capacity increases. The achievable capacity of 8Tbit/s per fiber pair has confirmed once again our expectation; that Apollo could carry around four times the current entire Atlantic traffic in use today.”

Philippe Dumont, President of Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks said: “This field trial is another proof point of the adaptability of ASN technology that continues to offer carriers a smart evolution path for tuning capacity and performance throughout the life of a system. As capacity and connectivity needs continue to increase, the high resiliency to potential degradation at higher speeds combined with the reliability of our technology offer a cost-effective and flexible networking model to cope with content providers and their end-users’ service demands.”

Alcatel-Lucent Upgrades Transatlantic Apollo Cable to 100G

Alcatel-Lucent completed an upgrade of the Apollo undersea cable system which links the UK and France to the United States for 100G channels and over 25 Tbps of total capacity.

The Apollo system consists of two of the most advanced fiber optic cables: Apollo North connects the UK to the US, and Apollo South connects France directly to the US, collectively spanning a total of 13,000 km.

Alcatel-Lucent deployed its 1620 Light Manager (LM) submarine line terminal equipment using coherent technology at 100G to provide the most efficient use of the available optical spectrum. The 1620 LM leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s advanced coherent technology, which also incorporates the latest Soft Decision Forward Error Correction (SDFEC) technology to provide highest ultimate capacity at the same time as lowest cost per bit.