Thursday, June 11, 2015

ViaSat Acquires Start-up Focused on Virtualization

ViaSat has acquired Engreen, a privately-held company based in San Jose, California that is focused on network virtualization.

Engreen's flagship virtualization product provides a path to enhance network management, lower capital expenses, energy and real estate, and minimize overall network complexity.

ViaSat said the technology will benefit its satellite broadband netwokr

"Our investment in Engreen reinforces our commitment to the global Ka-band satellite market," said Kevin Harkenrider, senior vice president, Commercial Networks, ViaSat. "This transaction will enhance our ability to rapidly create, deploy and manage services in our Flexible Broadband System."

Pawan Uberoy, Engreen CEO, commented, "There are multiple synergies in how ViaSat and Engreen approach network management leveraging enhanced virtualization capabilities. We are looking forward to joining ViaSat and adding value to its global customer base."