Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TeliaSonera IC Tests Coriant's 400G in European Network

TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) has completed a test of Coriant's 400G optical transmission technology in its European backbone.

The trial used TSIC’s existing Coriant hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platforms with new Coriant CloudWave™ Optics, a versatile suite of software-programmable photonic layer technologies.

Conducted over multiple spans across a 1,634 kilometer fiber optic route between Paris, Luxembourg, and Frankfurt, the TSIC field trial featured the successful transmission of three different software-programmable modulation formats – QPSK, 8QAM, and 16QAM – over the complete distance of 1,634 kilometers each. The trial also featured a variety of line-side transmission speeds (100G, 200G, 300G, 400G) in a mix of capacity and reach application test scenarios. The link represented a popular network scenario, being based purely on Standard Single-Mode Fiber (SSMF) and EDFA-only amplification.

“Staying ahead of the customers ever increasing connectivity needs are paramount for us. This 400G field trial is all about ensuring the flexibility at all layers of the network, and especially in the underlying high-capacity transport infrastructure required for delivering the best high performance connectivity for our customers and their end-users,” said Mattias Fridstr√∂m, Vice President and Head of Technology, TeliaSonera International Carrier.


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