Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Samsung and Telefónica Collaborate on IoT

Samsung Electronics Iberia and Telefónica I+D have formed a collaborative partnership focused on IoT.

The companies are working to integrate Telefónica Thinking Things ecosystem with the advanced capabilities of Samsung’s devices.  Two prototypes are already under development. The first one integrates Telefonica’s Thinking Things Modular solution with the capabilities of Samsung’s devices and sensor technology in order to identify new products and services. The second prototype involves the development of a physical button that will be used to simplify the application of IoT capabilities to different environments.

“This initiative with Telefónica allows us to explore the countless possibilities offered by Samsung’s industry leading technology in order to create innovative solutions and make them available for our consumers”,  said Alfredo Aragüés, Samsung Spain's R&D division lead. “At Samsung, we believe that the true value of IoT technology is making the user experience easier and more intuitive. This is why we regard Telefónica's Thinking Things platform as an excellent environment for the development of revolutionary initiatives in the IoT field that will be able to bring these opportunities to life in the present day.”

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