Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Qualcomm Expands 802.11ac MU-MIMO Line Up

Qualcomm Atheros introduced its new 802.11ac Wave 2 silicon featuring multi-user multi-input/multi-output (MU-MIMO), support for 160 MHz channels and 4x4 antenna configurations to offer higher performance and more efficient Wi-Fi connectivity.

Qualcomm said its MU | EFX  technology enables APs that can achieve up to three times faster 802.11ac connections in today’s increasingly crowded Wi-Fi environments.

The new products include the QCA9984 for home routers and QCA9994 for enterprise access points. Key features:

  • Enhanced MU-MIMO, with support for four simultaneous streams.
  • Support for new, wider 160MHz contiguous and 80+80MHz non-contiguous 802.11ac
  • channels – offering double the capacity of the existing 80MHz channels. The QCA9994 further supports 5/10 MHz narrow channels for public safety applications.
  • Bandwidth agility allows the radio to move seamlessly between channel widths on a packet-by-packet basis and achieve greater spectrum efficiency and throughput.

Sampling is underway.