Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Microsoft Contributes Device System Bridge to Alljoyn

The AllSeen Alliance has contributed the open source Device System Bridge (DSB) code to the AllSeen open source software project.

DSB enables interoperability with legacy and purpose-built device networks under the AllJoyn open source software framework.  For example, using the AllJoyn DSB, developers can connect BACnet-based devices for building automation or Z-Wave smart home products to AllJoyn-enabled devices locally or remotely, depending on the design configuration.

The AllSeen Alliance said DSB complements the AllJoyn Gateway Agent, an extension of the AllJoyn software framework that connects AllJoyn devices in a local network to external networks, delivers remote access, device management and fine-grained security and privacy control. By comparison, the AllJoyn DSB acts as a “superconnector” for devices using their existing non-AllJoyn interfaces and creates a virtual version of these devices on the AllJoyn system.  This enables other AllJoyn devices and applications to interact with these BACnet, Z-Wave or similar protocol devices as if they were simply additional AllJoyn devices in the AllJoyn system.

“Millions of connected devices exist. We see significant savings for companies that bridge existing automation systems and devices to leverage their existing infrastructure and put it to work in IoT,” said Jason Farmer, AllSeen Alliance Gateway Working Group contributor and Lead Program Manager at Microsoft. “Microsoft is committed to making the IoT as accessible, secure, cost-effective and simple as possible. Our DSB contribution to the AllSeen Alliance will help bring real-world applications to market quickly with existing devices and infrastructure, accelerating the Internet of Your Things.”