Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Marvell Expands Set of IoT Tools

Marvell announced the implementation of JavaScript 6th Edition into its Kinoma software for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) product prototyping.

JavaScript Sixth Edition is the biggest update to the JavaScript language since it was invented. The update, formally known as ECMAScript 6th Edition or ES6, contains more than 400 individual changes to make the language more concise, improve performance, and integrate support for modules. The addition of modules to the language is fundamental to architecting reliable, long running devices, making JavaScript 6th Edition the right foundation for connecting IoT products.

Marvell also introduced two new connected hardware prototyping products:

  • Kinoma Element -- a small, JavaScript-powered embedded product prototyping platform built around Marvell's MW302 wireless microcontroller system-on-chip, which combines a 200 MHz CPU, 512 KB of RAM, and Wi-Fi. Kinoma Element is designed to connect products to the cloud, to mobile, and to other IoT devices. It works with off-the-shelf sensors, lights, motors, and actuators, which are programmed with the same JavaScript hardware pins module as Kinoma Create.

    Kinoma HD -- a scriptable stick for developers who want to display visually rich content on the biggest displays. Kinoma HD's HDMI output plugs into an HD capable display, connecting wirelessly to IoT devices, iOS and Android handhelds, cloud services, and content from web-based apps. The stick is plug-and-play once slotted into a display's full-sized HDMI port, hooked up to a USB power supply, and connected to a Wi-Fi network. Kinoma HD is thumb-sized.

"Technology enabling the smart lifestyle must be easy to use, seamlessly connected, and beautifully responsive. It also needs to be open source to give the developers of elegant, high-performance products the interoperability, flexibility, and stability that open source offers. The open source KinomaJS application framework is our most advanced software technology for customers, partners, and developers building on Marvell silicon," commented Weili Dai, President and Co-Founder of Marvell.

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