Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ericsson Refines its Adaptive Inventory OSS/BSS

Ericsson released the latest version of its Adaptive Inventory 9.3, adding new capabilities to help operators speed cloud deployments, virtualize network functions and grapple with surging data traffic.

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory, formerly Ericsson Granite Inventory, uses data from a broad range of available sources to offer a view of a network at any given moment, including past, present and future configurations. It features an enhanced Unified Inventory Engine, intuitive web interface, component-driven design automation, and system extension kit. Ericsson has created a migration path to Ericsson Adaptive Inventory for existing Ericsson Granite Inventory customers.

“Access to accurate network data positions operators for better decision-making, including the ability to predict the future-state network from a combination of current and proposed network plans.  The latest tools that Ericsson Adaptive Inventory brings to market are easy use, deploy and maintain, helping operators thrive in an ever-changing environment,” stated Elisabetta Romano, VP Head of OSS & Service Enablement.