Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Telstra Sets Low latency 100 Gbps Link with Ciena/Ericsson

Telstra has achieved a new landmark for low latency, high capacity non-regenerated optical transmission between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth – a round trip distance of 10,358 km  - using equipment from Ciena, supplied by Ericsson.

David Robertson, Director Transport and Routing Engineering Telstra says: ”This new optical technology enables Telstra to provide Australia’s lowest latency link between Sydney and Perth – key access points critical for Trans-Australian and international telecommunications. This high-performance link provides Telstra’s customers differentiation for applications which require high-speed and low latency, such as financial trading or cloud based offerings. We are also pleased to receive a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for 10,358 km un-regenerated terrestrial optical transport link between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.”

In a demonstration, the 100Gbps optical link between Melbourne and Sydney was increased to 200Gbps per wavelength using Ciena’s WaveLogic Extreme technology.


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