Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sckipio and iPhotonix Announce G.fast + NFV Partnership

Sckipio Technologies and iPhotonix announced a partnership to enable the iPhotonix Virtual Network (iVN) to fully interoperate with Sckipio’s G.fast modems.

Sckipio’s G.fast technology consists of modems for both the DPU and the CPE. The company claims it can deliver up to 2x the expected rate and reach of the G.fast standard – all while staying 100% within the specification guidelines.

iVN is an integrated NFV platform for the rapid delivery of iPhotonix vApps combined with extensive networking, management and orchestration (MANO) solutions.

“It’s time to unlock the management innovation our customers crave,” said David Baum, co-founder and CEO of Sckipio Technologies. “With iPhotonix, our partners can quickly deploy a persistent management agent (PMA) and a full management stack.”

“We are excited to partner with Sckipio, a leader in the G.fast space. We believe G.fast will become a prominent solution for broadband access,” said Amir Elbaz, CEO, iPhotonix. “The combination of our two great platforms, is a win for all our customers.”