Friday, May 15, 2015

PLUMgrid and Huawei Partner on OpenStack for SDN and NFV

PLUMgrid is partnering with Huawei to upstream open source automation software to StackForge that self-installs PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS) through Huawei Compass, enabling simplified deployment of OpenStack for SDN and NFV.

PLUMgrid and Huawei partnered to deliver fully integrated and automated installation of PLUMgrid ONS through Compass, which is an open source project contributed by Huawei that provides deployment-as-a-service for bare metal machines. Supporting Huawei and third-party data center hardware, Compass offers topology-aware OpenStack service deployment that eases the configuration and management of physical and virtual network elements.

"Working with Huawei to automate PLUMgrid ONS through Compass is an example of how our visions align on streamlining OpenStack deployments and making installations easy, simple and fast. PLUMgrid ONS not only provides a secure and scalable SDN and NFV foundation, but also brings many other benefits such as rapid Service Insertion, which is transformational. Both companies are committed to driving OpenStack deployment success and contributing to the open source community," stated Awais Nemat, CEO, PLUMgrid.

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