Monday, May 4, 2015

Level 3 Launches SDN-based Adaptive Network via ExpressRoute to Microsoft Azure.

Level 3 Communications introduced SDN-based Adaptive Network Control Solutions via ExpressRoute to Microsoft Azure. The service is designed to help enterprises move applications and workloads from on-premises data centers to the cloud.

Adaptive Network Control services include:

  • Enhanced Management - provides visibility into and analytics of key network performance characteristics like latency and packet loss on an end-to-end, site-by-site basis
  • Dynamic Capacity - which gives customers the ability to scale their bandwidth by up to three times on demand or automatically based on scheduled events or utilization triggers.  

Level 3 said its SDN-based network functionality is ideal to support a variety of use cases in Azure, including scheduled backups for disaster recovery, managing large ad hoc IT workloads and handling seasonal volume growth.

"Traditional private networks typically provide fixed amounts of bandwidth with minimal insight into performance," said Anthony Christie, chief marketing officer at Level 3. "Now enterprises can take advantage of Level 3's Enhanced Management and Dynamic Capacity for Microsoft Azure, giving them the ability to seamlessly and instantly adjust their bandwidth needs as well as garner important network data that can help inform their future network decisions. This new approach to managing bandwidth helps enterprises significantly increase operational efficiencies and performance, which are critical components to a company's long-term success."


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