Thursday, May 21, 2015

Huawei Launches its Cloud Fabric 3.0 Data Center Architecture

Huawei launched its SDN-powered Cloud Fabric 3.0 Architecture for fast service innovation and efficient ICT resource integration in data centers in the cloud computing era.

The solution comprises Huawei's CloudEngine series data center switches and Agile Controller and its new software-defined data center storage area network (DC-SAN), which supports 100G trunks and 25GE servers. Huawei's said its CE12800 series data center switch provides up to 160 Tbps of performance. The company is also launching a 36X100GE high-speed line card that supports 3.6T line-speed forwarding.

Huawei noted that since launching its Cloud Fabric Architecture in 2012, it has been deployed in more than 1,000 data centers across 80 countries around the world.