Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Huawei Debuts LiteOS for IoT

Huawei introduced its Agile Internet of Things (IoT) solution for helping enterprises capture the opportunities of billions of connected devices and sensors.

Huawei predicts that by 2025, a total of 100 billion connections will be generated globally and two million new sensors will be deployed every hour.

A key element of Huawei's IoT strategy is a new LiteOS for devices and sensors.  LiteOS measures only 10KB in size and supports zero configuration, auto-discovery, and auto-networking. It can be widely applied to different areas including smart homes, wearable, connected vehicles and other industries. Huawei says LiteOS helps to simplify the development of smart hardware to enhance IoT connectivity. The company said it will open LiteOS to developers.

“Over the last three years, Huawei has been involved in a number of in-depth technological collaborations with our global industry partners in IoT. We have developed a series of IoT solutions that have already been applied to buildings, electricity meters, vehicles, gymnasiums, factories, retail outlets, and street lights. In line with our approach to provide BDII, Huawei will continue to work with more partners to launch solutions based on our Agile Network architecture for different vertical industries,” said Liu Shaowei, President, Switch and Enterprise Communication Product Line, Huawei.