Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Huawei and Qualcomm Jointly Demo LTE-A with 256QAM Reaching 600 Mbps

Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies demonstrated LTE-Advanced Category 11 terminals delivering peak downstream rates of 600 Mbps.

The test equipment aggregated three component carriers (3CC CA) with 256QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) on each of the carriers.  The setup included Huawei’s SingleRAN equipment and solutions and a Qualcomm Snapdragon next-generation LTE modem, which supports a maximum aggregate bandwidth of 60 MHz and a modulation scheme as high as 256QAM.

"In 2015, there will be a global surge in LTE-A construction with operators starting to consider the large-scale deployment of 3CC CA. 256QAM will also soon be put into commercial use with the maturing of the industry chain. The success of these tests represents another milestone in the developing commercialization of LTE-A and 256QAM. It shows that terminals are capable of both 3CC CA and 256QAM. We will continue to work together with our global partners in advancing technologies and promoting the global development of mobile broadband," stated David Wang, President, Wireless Network Product Line.

In February of this year, Huawei released 3CC CA to 55 MHz based on LTE CAT9 terminals with EE in London. This past April in Hong Kong, Huawei released 3CC CA to 60 MHz based on LTE CAT9 terminals with HKT. Meanwhile, Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies are adopting the 256QAM technology to improve spectral efficiency, promote the commercialization of advanced technologies, and accelerate the development of the wireless industry.

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