Thursday, April 16, 2015

Juniper's New SRX5800 Firewall Hits 2 Tbps Throughput

Juniper Networks unveiled new hardware for its new SRX5800 Services Gateway firewall boasting throughput up to 2 Terabits per second (2 Tbps), empowering service providers and large enterprises will more capacity to minimize the potential for security bottlenecks as they manage increased and unpredictable demands for bandwidth placed on their networks.

The new hardware for the SRX5800 includes third-generation input/output cards (IOC3), an enhanced midplane chassis and third-generation system control boards (SCB3). Each IOC3 line card supports two packet forwarding engines (PFE), a high density configuration of 2x100GbE and 4x10GbE high speed interfaces. Additionally, it delivers 240Gbps bandwidth and 2X bandwidth increase over the prior hardware card.

The new product enhancements will be available during the first half of 2015.