Wednesday, April 29, 2015

HP Unveils Campus Switching Modules Optimized for SDN

HP unveiled new campus networking solutions and services including new switching modules powered by the 6th generation HP Networking ASIC, purpose built for SDN.

HP says its new chip delivers more than four times the performance of competitive solutions and three times lower latency.Its two terabits per second backplane supports increased bandwidth and performance requirements including high speed wireless connectivity.

The HP 5400R zl2 Switch Series v3 Modules fully support OpenFlow and can process up to 24 times more flows than it main competitor.The modules also offer programmable OpenFlow processing pipelines and ten parallel Advanced Packet Processor engines with dedicated resources provide scalability and flexibility to support the new wave of SDN applications.

Other key features of the 5400R v3 modules include HP Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports for supporting the next wave of high-speed 802.11 ac Wave 2 access points. The HP Smart Rate technology offers simple self-negotiating and flexible capacity from 1GbE, 2.5 GbE, 5 GbE to 10GbE with Power over Ethernet +.

In addition, HP is introducing a Network Visualizer SDN application that provides IT administrators with real-time detailed visibility of the network to monitor traffic flow and investigate issues. Administrators can identify user complaints without having to identify physical location or IP address, by centering visibility on the user experience rather than the physical network. The increased visibility afforded by SDN technology allows for rapid diagnosis and repair of network issues, without requiring additional costly overlay appliances or probes.

HP also announced enhancements to its HP Network Optimizer SDN application, which offers automated provisioning of network policy and Quality of Service  to ensure an enhanced user experience. The app now offers media path optimization as well as dynamic traffic periodization based on user or device. Other business applications will also be able to take full advantage of HP Network Optimizer through open API integration.