Thursday, April 16, 2015

Certes Networks Launches CryptoFlow for Encrypting Application Flows

Certes Networks introduced its new CryptoFlow App, a software-defined security product for encrypting data in motion thereby safeguarding applications from data breaches.

CryptoFlow App is a user-aware and application-aware solution for protecting sensitive data traffic. It enables IT managers to automatically crypto-segment application flows across networks inside or outside the enterprise and grant access to these CryptoFlows based on a user’s security profile. Sensitive applications are isolated and controlled end-to-end, from the application server to the user’s end-point devices, regardless of where they are.

CryptoFlow App solution sets include:

CryptoFlow LAN - Providing strong crypto-segmentation of internal enterprise application flows based on user roles, blocking the top attack vector used in data breaches around the world. CryptoFlow LAN provides automatic security to users connected on the LAN, isolates sensitive applications to only authorized users, and protects applications when hackers get past firewalls.

CryptoFlow B2B - Enabling enterprises to safely extend internal applications to external partners, including contractors, suppliers, trading partners and others beyond the enterprise perimeter. CryptoFlow B2B limits authorized business partners to only the applications they need, protecting the most sensitive applications even when business partners have been compromised.

CryptoFlow Mobile - Securing application traffic to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, including personal BYOD end-points. Now enterprise IT and security managers can automatically extend enterprise apps to mobile devices with end-to-end security and a single point of control across a wide range of mobile devices inside or outside the enterprise.

The new solution is an extension of Certes’ CryptoFlow security products.  The company claims a perfect 15-year track record of 7,000 product deployments in 70 countries without a single hack of any protected application.

“Today’s enterprise applications are borderless and easily shared, but the security architecture has not kept pace with this evolution,” said John Lochow, CEO of Certes. “In every major data breach of the past two years, hackers exploited inadequate security of networked applications and cut through the firewalls with ease. Our CryptoFlow App solutions are the first products to directly address this major gap. As thousands of product deployments have shown, our customers are protected even when the rest of the security architecture fails.”