Monday, April 20, 2015

CenturyLink Acquires Orchestrate - a Managed Database Service Company

CenturyLink has acquired Orchestrate, a company that offers a fully managed database service. Financial terms were not disclosed.

CenturyLink said the acquisition brings a new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) to its Cloud platform.  Earlier this year, Orchestrate's service became deployable via CenturyLink Cloud.

"CenturyLink's customers, like most enterprises, are expressing interest in solutions that help them meet the performance, scalability and agile development needs of large-scale big data analytics," said Glen F. Post, III, chief executive officer and president of CenturyLink. "The Orchestrate database service's ease of use and ability to support multiple database technologies have emerged as key differentiators that we are eager to offer our customers through the CenturyLink Cloud platform."

Orchestrate co-founders Antony Falco, chief executive officer, and Ian Plosker, chief technology officer, as well as Dave Smith, vice president of engineering, are among those joining CenturyLink.

  • CenturyLink's other recent big data analytics moves include the acquisition of Cognilytics, a leading provider of advanced predictive analytics and big data solutions; the launch of Hyperscale high-performance cloud server instances designed for web-scale workloads, big data and cloud-native applications; and the availability of automated cloud-based Hadoop solutions. Other recent additions to the CenturyLink Cloud ecosystem include the acquisition of DataGardens for disaster recovery services. 

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