Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spirent Tests Voice over Wi-Fi to VoLTE Handovers

Spirent Communications announced support for testing Wi-Fi Access Points through an RF interface on its Landslide platform.  This enables mobile operators to validate subscriber experiences as they move between nationwide mobile networks, carrier Wi-Fi hot-spots and private wireless networks.

The Spirent Landslide tests the performance and scalability of the Wi-Fi access point, Wi-Fi offload gateway and the mobile core network, enabling authentication and handover scenarios to be verified, as well as providing quality of experience metrics, including network availability, call setup time, call drops and voice quality for Voice over Wi-Fi testing.

“Verifying that handover and service quality of experience between cellular and Wi-Fi networks is secure and efficient is a critical aspect of deploying services like Voice over Wi-Fi,” said John Baker, general manager, Mobility Infrastructure business unit at Spirent Communications. “Landslide has long been the de facto solution in the industry for testing mobile core and Wi-Fi offload. For the first time ever, carriers can now employ a single, integrated platform to fully verify network performance end-to-end—including the critical handoff from a cellular to a Wi-Fi network”