Monday, March 16, 2015

Polaris Wireless Supplies High- accuracy Location in Sub-Saharan Africa

Polaris Wireless announced tje first deployment of its Altus and OmniLocate location surveillance product suite in sub-Saharan Africa. This marks the twenty-second deployment outside of the US, and the forty-ninth globally for Polaris Wireless.

The Polaris Wireless Altus and OmniLocate application suite is a software-based surveillance solution that enables accurate mass location - providing users the ability to simultaneously locate all subscribers in an area of interest in real time or on a historical basis. This unique capability enables functions, such as suspect identification, threat detection, and post-event analytics, which are vital to the anti-crime and anti-terrorism surveillance efforts of Polaris Wireless customers around the world.

“As the first company to deploy a high-accuracy, software-based wireless location surveillance solution in a sub-Saharan country, we look forward to contributing to increased safety and security in the region,” said Manlio Allegra, Polaris Wireless CEO and co-founder. “This newest deployment reaffirms our business focus and leadership, as we continue our work in building the highest level of location accuracy solutions combined with best-in-class applications for public safety and national security initiatives around the world.”


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