Thursday, March 19, 2015

Orange Business Launches SDN+NFV Pilot for SMBs

Beginning next month, Orange Business Services will be conducting a pilot deployment of virtualized network functions for small and medium enterprises (SMBs).

Orange Business Services confirmed that around ten SMBs (with up to ten sites) will test an SDN-enabled system that lets users manage their Intranet and Internet service in real-time. Users will be able to order and customize new virtualized application services of their choice: Internet content filtering, advanced security and antivirus. Orange has an SDN controller to managed the virtualized services.  Pilot companies will receive advanced support services from the project team. The trial is expected to last for a year.  Orange Business is aiming to launch a commercial service in 2016.

This pilot project is part of a larger program named "SDN for Business" dedicated to formalizing and implementing Orange Business Services' SDN strategy. SDN is among the top priorities of the Orange Group in defining its network evolution strategy.