Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nokia Leverages Real-time Network Data to Tailor Content Delivery

At this week’s Mobile World Congress, Nokia Networks is showcasing its Liquid Applications’ throughput guidance for heling content providers to optimize their transmission policy to reflect dynamically changing network resources in real-time. The goal is to improve resource utilization in mobile operator's network. YouTube has successfully conducted lab tests of the throughput guidance technology, with initial results showing improvement in network utilization and application quality of experience.

Congestion detection from Nokia’s Liquid Applications notifies upstream content providers and mobile device clients as to the most efficient time to fetch subscriber content based on real-time cell load information.

Nokia said Akamai is currently testing congestion detection as part of their Predictive Video over Cellular (PVoC) optimization solution for mobile networks. The company calculates that its smart location experience optimization service provides up to 50% increase in video streaming speeds for consumers based on insights on how applications utilize network resources.

“We are now able to provide completely new insights into the dynamically changing performance of mobile networks, to improve content delivery efficiency and increase network performance. It is important for operators and content providers to keep up with the increasing demand for localized, data-intensive content that users want to receive with the fastest possible speed to their devices,” stated Dirk Lindemeier, Head of Liquid Applications at Nokia Networks.


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