Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Equinix Builds Programmable Network with Cisco Tail-f

Equinix is using Cisco's Tail-f Network Control System (NCS) as a foundational element for automating and programming the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Specifically, the Equinix Programmable Network is using the NETCONF and YANG capabilities in the Tail-f NCS offering to provider multi-vendor service orchestration. This enables Equinix to provide multi-cloud services in an agile and vendor-agnostic way, simplifying and accelerating cloud access for the enterprise.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange provides direct access to leading cloud providers such as AWS, Cisco, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, and others.  Equinix said the use of NETCONF and YANG provides the automation and programmability needed for rapidly accessing and managing these cloud services.

"Our goal with the Equinix Cloud Exchange is to provide multi-cloud interconnectivity solutions that satisfy high-performance application needs in a secure environment. Tail-f NCS is a key part of our foundational programmable network and allows us to provide multi-cloud services in an agile and vendor-neutral way. Tail-f's support for YANG also allows us to quickly define new services without the burden of vendor-specific configuration protocols," stated Ihab Tarazi, chief technology officer, Equinix.