Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DT Launches Cloud-VPNs with Cisco's Tail-f

Deutsche Telekom (DT) launched a Cloud VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service for small and medium businesses that features a self-service online portal to give customers a simple way to select, subscribe to and activate highly secure and scalable Internet services. The service portfolio includes branch, site-to-site and remote access encrypted VPNs, as well as firewall and web security, all offered as a cloud-managed IT solution on a monthly subscription basis.

Customers have access to a management dashboard on which they can track the status and performance of services and upgrade their service package, such as increasing the number of users or the bandwidth, with a click of a mouse. Provisioning is automatic and done in real time from DT’s data centre.

DT is using the Tail-F NCS platform based on Netconf/YANG. The service is built on Cisco® virtual security appliances, combined with DT’s OpenStack solutions.