Monday, March 16, 2015

Cavium Integrates NVIDIA Tesla GPU in ThunderX ARM processor

Cavium is adding support for NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators in its ThunderX ARM processor family, its 64-bit ARMv8 server processor for next generation data center and cloud applications.

The ThunderX family integrates up to 48 high performance ARMv8-A custom cores, single and dual socket configurations, high memory bandwidth, large memory capacity, integrated hardware accelerators, integrated feature rich high bandwidth network and storage IO, fully virtualized core and IO, and scalable high bandwidth, low latency Ethernet fabric ThunderX enables best in class performance per dollar and performance per watt.

Cavium said many key application and market segments will benefit directly from the combination of the NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators and its ThunderX ARM processors, such as high performance computing (HPC) workloads that require high levels of double precision floating point compute performance, data analytics workloads, and the integration of compute and storage.

ThunderX processors with support for NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators are expected to be available in Q2'2015.

"Our collaboration with NVIDIA is yet another demonstration of the Workload Optimized focus that Cavium is driving in the server market with ThunderX," said Gopal Hegde, VP/GM, Data Center Processor Group at Cavium. "NVIDIA's leadership in high-performance computing solutions for the HPC and data analytics markets is well recognized and complements Cavium's continued innovation in processors for next generation data center and cloud applications.  Our partners and customers will benefit with this collaboration as we continue to drive application optimization, performance efficiency and TCO advantage with ThunderX."