Friday, March 13, 2015

Anuta Supports OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure Manager for NFV

Anuta Networks, a start-up based in Milpitas, California that is developing network orchestration systems, announced support for OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and compliance with ETSI NFV. The Anuta’s NCX support for OpenStack augments the existing support for VMware vCenter and ESXi hypervisors to enable true multi-vendor NFV.

Anuta said it sees OpenStack as a critical component for accelerating NFV adoption.  Its NCX delivers network service orchestration for physical network functions (PNF) as well as 30+ Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) from 20+ industry leading vendors.

“We are working with many service providers and we see significant momentum in Asia Pacific and EMEA regions to adopt NFV to improve operational efficiency and business agility,” said Chandu Guntakala, President and CEO, Anuta Networks. “The Cloud service providers are deploying OpenStack as a unified platform to manage their existing as well as next generation, multi-vendor hybrid infrastructures.”

“OpenStack has matured as a high-performance platform and supports many use-cases in production. With the support of OpenStack as VIM through northbound integration, we are expanding NCX coverage to multiple hypervisors,” said Srini Beereddy, CTO, Anuta Networks.

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