Monday, February 2, 2015

Vitesse's 10/40G PHYs Enable Secure WAN with 256-bit MACsec and 1588

Vitesse Semiconductor introduced a new quad channel, 10/40G physical layer transceiver family featuring government-grade, FIPS-197-certified 256-bit MACsec encryption for securing WAN links for enterprise, cloud and mobile backhaul traffic.

Specifically, the new PHYs enable 40G connectivity with “secure 1588” by leveraging Vitesse’s FIPS-certified Intellisec IEEE 802.1AE MACsec security encryption technology and Vitesse’s VeriTime IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization.

Vitesse said the new quad channel 10G PHY family addresses several markets which are prime for MACsec encryption: enterprise and data center networking, where access lines with government-grade protection is required; and Service Provider access networking, where higher capacity, more intelligence and secured Ethernet transport is needed in aggregation service router, mobile backhaul, etc.

Vitesse notes that traditional MACsec implementations are not able to deliver IEEE 1588 timing accuracy, as required in TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced mobile networks.  Its Intellisec and VeriTime technologies deliver line-rate 256-bit encryption with the industry’s de facto highest accuracy IEEE 1588 timing. Intellisec’s “tag-in-the-clear” capability also provides the network transparency needed to enable use of third party networks for delivery of critical services to mobile, Enterprise and Industrial-IoT networks.

Key capabilities of Vitesse’s VSC8256, VSC8257 and VSC8258 include:

  • High capacity 40G connectivity;
  • Highly accurate VeriTime IEEE 1588 network timing; and
  • Flexible Layer 2 security (Intellisec IEEE 802.1AE MACsec) offload for companion network processors, I/O processors, MAC controllers and/or FPGA-based designs.
  • Accelerating Cloud Services to Users and Industry
“Addressing the ‘Snowden effect’ and growing security concerns in our increasingly connected world is critical in next-generation networking equipment,” said Uday Mudoi, vice president of product marketing at Vitesse. “Vitesse’s game-changing technologies readily enable the rigorous security needed to safeguard Enterprise, Cloud and mobile network infrastructures.”

The new 10GE PHY family includes:

  • VSC8256: Serial-quad channel 1G/10G Ethernet retimer and repeater
  • VSC8257: Serial quad channel 1G/10G Ethernet PHY with VeriTime IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization
  • VSC8258: Serial quad channel 1G/10G Ethernet PHY with VeriTime IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization and Intellisec IEEE 802.1AE MACsec


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