Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nokia to Showcase LTE-M for Automotive, Wearables and Smart Grid

Nokia Networks will showcase LTE for machine-to-machine communications (LTE-M) for automotive, wearables and smart grid connectivity in a joint demonstration with Korea Telecom at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The pre-5G LTE-M prototype aims to connect an extreme number of sensors and other devices even in remote or low-coverage locations beyond the range of traditional shares. LTE-M will also be optimized for extremely low power utilization in the device.  Nokia said the goal is to achieve a battery life of more than 10 years with four times more coverage than conventional LTE.

Kathrin Buvac, Vice President Strategy at Nokia Networks, said: "The Internet of Things, a driver for what we call the Programmable World, opens tremendous potential to expand the human possibilities of technology. Within the next ten years, we will see 50 billion things connected, enabling industries to become more efficient and helping people to improve their daily lives. At Nokia Networks, we are already demonstrating key technologies like 5G that will make mobile networks the natural choice for bringing these possibilities to reality."

Some other areas of innovation being showcased by Nokia include:

  • Prototype 5G mm and cm wave radio systems that use advanced antennas and operate in the 3.5 - 70 GHz bands for extreme throughput and ultra low latency
  • Extended Nokia Mobile Guard to detect malware or abnormal IoT device behavior via device profiling. When an IoT device is hacked and its processor or Internet connection is used for fraud and other attacks, Mobile Guard recognizes these devices and takes actions for mitigation.            

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