Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Napatech Debuts 2x100 Gbps Packet Analyzer

Napatech introduced a 2x100 Gbps throughput network analysis solution on PCIe boards and aimed at network operators needed to understand their network traffic at the highest levels.

The Napatech 200G performance solution offer full, non-blocking packet capture and analysis with zero packet loss and low CPU load. To achieve 200 Gbps performance, Napatech combines two of its PCI-SIG® compliant NT100E3-1-PTP accelerators using a unique intelligent hardware interconnect .  The company said this approach ensures the efficient exchange of data and guaranteed performance even when monitoring 200G of traffic. The 200G solution is delivered as a pre-configured product. However, customers that have an earlier release of the NT100E3-1-PTP will be able to upgrade the firmware to take advantage of these features. Future upgrades include advanced de-duplication and slicing, additional filtering capabilities, broader protocol support, the ability to define flows and configure flow recognition based on any header information as well as full IP reassembly support.

Some highlights:

  • Capability to match the delivery capacity of the available PCIe Gen3 interface
  • Each 100G accelerator maps to a single NUMA node, ensuring local cache access to data
  • The Intelligent Hardware Interconnect ensures that data from either port can be directed to the correct NUMA node with full control and guaranteed performance
  • Ability to monitor downstream and upstream traffic in both SPAN and TAP environments
  • Available in 1G to 100G with the same intelligent processing capabilities accessed through a single common API provided by the Napatech Software Suite

“Addressing the data growth challenges are critical to understanding what services or apps subscribers are using, but moreover when and where they are using them. By analyzing this information in real time, operators and service providers can tailor their solutions and offer new services. As a major provider to network appliance manufacturers around the world, our R&D teams have a unique advantage over our competitors in developing solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the data growth curve," stated Henrik Brill Jensen, CEO, Napatech.