Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dell'Oro: Service Provider Router Market to Exceed $11.5 Billion in 2019

The worldwide Service Provider Router market is expected to surpass $11.5 billion by 2019, according to a new report from Dell'Oro Group. This includes both Core and Edge Router sales.

“We expect much of the growth to be driven by continued demand for routers used in mobile backhaul and IP backbone networks,” said Alam Tamboli, Senior Analyst at Dell’Oro Group.  “For mobile backhaul, operators in Asia and Europe will continue to invest heavily in their LTE mobile networks and associated routers as they compete for subscribers.  For core routers, operators will evaluate recently introduced platforms that offer much higher capacity than the previous generations,” Tamboli continued.  “Today, some core router platforms offer ten-fold the capacity per rack versus what was available just five years ago.  Operators are expected to upgrade their core router platforms to significantly increase their backbone capacity at a much lower cost per bit transmitted,” he explained.