Thursday, February 26, 2015

ARM Envisions Intelligent Flexible Cloud Framework

ARM outlined its vision for an Intelligent Flexible Cloud (IFC) environment to meet the latency, power and size constraints for next-generation networks.

ARM's IFM promises to bring together system-on-chips with heterogeneous compute capabilities supported by a common layer of enabling software and distributed network intelligence.

The company's idea is to build on SDN and NFV with a distributed intelligence that enables applications to move out in the network to where data resides for a significant reduction in power consumption and increased responsiveness.

“The underlying network infrastructure that supports our mobile and connected world is undergoing a dramatic shift,” said Charlene Marini, vice president, segment marketing, ARM. “The scalability of ARM® technology, combined with the networking systems expertise of our partners is increasing node intelligence and configurability, laying a new foundation for software-defined functions and applications. The move to the ARM architecture is underway, enabling new possibilities for an intelligent flexible cloud from device to data center.”

Partners include AppliedMicro, Cavium, Enea, EZchip, Linaro, Marvell and Xilinx.

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