Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Arbor's Threat Monitoring Atlas Gathers Data from 330 Operators

Arbor Networks's ATLAS threat monitoring infrastructure, which was launched 8 years ago, now gathers data from more than 330 participating network operators around the world who report data representing around 120Tbps of Internet traffic.

ATLAS collates data from multiple sources, one of which is a collaborative effort with Arbor customers who have agreed to share anonymous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and traffic data on an hourly basis (leveraging the Arbor technology that sits within their networks). ATLAS also utilizes data from Arbor dark address space monitoring probes, BGP routing information from multiple operators and data from ASERT research programs, as well as third-party data feeds. The network and security intelligence delivered via ATLAS gives Arbor customers a considerable competitive advantage, as it allows them to compare and contrast what they are seeing on their own network with a macro view of global Internet traffic and threats.

“ATLAS gives our customers the ability to see how DDoS threats are evolving not just in their own market, but more broadly around their region and the world, allowing them to better understand the threats and thus ensure the protection of their services and customers,” said Darren Anstee, director of solutions architects for Arbor Networks.