Thursday, February 19, 2015

Accedian's VCX Brings Virtualized Network Performance Assurance

Accedian Networks introduced its SkyLIGHT VCX -- a virtualized performance assurance controller that enables advanced monitoring capabilities network-wide.

The VCX Controller works together with Accedian's Nano smart SFP (optical transponder) and compact gigabit Ethernet modules to deliver multi-flow traffic generation and ability to monitor the performance of thousands of flows. It combines centralized control with distributed test traffic generation to offer full mesh and segmented testing.

“The VCX is a radically more efficient approach to network performance monitoring, combining all the benefits of virtualization without compromising test speed or precision,” said Patrick Ostiguy, President & CEO of Accedian. “Accedian is doing to performance monitoring what Roku did to TV. We’re using the minimum hardware required at each monitoring point, while using NFV to turn ultra-compact modules into full-blown test sets, probes, and analyzers.”

Accedian calculates that its modules will cost up to 90% less than existing solutions, enabling service providers to realize the significant capital and operational efficiencies promised by an NFV architecture. Target markets include mobile infrastructure and data center networks.

For mobile operators, VCX offers operators the ability to test the service path, separately measure upload and download directions, and offer the precision required to accurately assess delay-sensitive impairments impacting hand-off and VoLTE call quality. Service providers offering hybrid-cloud and enterprise-to-data center connectivity can employ the VCX Controller in virtualized customer premises (vCPE) applications.

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