Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vodafone Leverages Elephant Talk's SDN/NFV to Launch MVNO in Spain

Vodafone Enabler EspaƱa has enabled a new mobile virtual network operator called "LOWI" to launch consumer services of its infrastructure by leveraging an SDN/NFV platform developed by Elephant Talk Communications Corp.

The LOWI brand is a novel entrant into the Spanish market featuring very low cost plans (including 1GB data plan with roll-over).  Vodafone, working with Elephant Talk, was able to develop and launch the full platform in only three months.

The virtualized  SDN platform includes an Evolved Packet Core from Affirmed Networks and an HLR from HP.  The infrastructure supporting this MNVO also includes new HLR\HSS’s, new upgraded IP systems, new GGSN’s, new provisioning, a new postpaid billing system and backup systems hosted in two mirrored datacenters in Barcelona and Madrid.

"Global consumer interest in high-value mobile services continues to drive new MNO and MVNO brands, creating valuable opportunities for MNOs and enablers like us that can provide the critical software infrastructure needed to efficiently and cost effectively deploy these new integrated services,” stated Steven van der Velden, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Elephant Talk. “Due to the unique Network Function Virtualization foundation of our ET Software DNA 2.0 platform, we believe we are able to dramatically reduce capital investment costs for mobile operators, while improving their time to market and also increasing added value for their customers. We look forward to continue to add MNO and MVNO brands to our portfolio over the course of 2015 and, as these brands aggressively build their subscriber bases, we expect to continue adding high margin SIMs to our platform.”

Alberto Galaso, Director of Low Cost in Vodafone Spain, explained: “LOWI starts with the purpose of leading the low cost segment in Spain, with a disruptive approach based on simplicity and transparency. We are featuring 1GB+ of mobile data for 6€ VAT included, and 0c€/min calls to all Spanish mobile and fixed numbers (charging only the call set-up). Additionally, customers benefit from the ability to rollover non-consumed data to the next month.”