Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Procera Confirms Orders from Tier 1s for Mobile Analytics

Procera Networks confirmed that it has received two orders that total several million dollars from two Tier 1 mobile operators to deliver Mobile Subscriber Experience Assurance.

The operators will use PacketLogic products solely for the mobile network and for the subscriber analytics that are visualized via its multiple mobile-centric Perspectives solutions. The revenue from these orders is expected to be recognized in the fourth quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015.

Procera's Subscriber Experience analytics solutions offer operators both real-time and historical visibility into the metrics that can have the greatest impact on their customers' experience such as insight into the cause of video stalls, slow page load times, social networking feeds not loading, or slow sync times for cloud services. The intelligence gathered from Procera's Perspectives (RAN, Video, Subscriber, Device, Routing, Traffic, Content, and Topology) is displayed in real-time using Dynamic LiveView or streamed using IPFix, and then stored in the PacketLogic Intelligence Center for visualization in the Insights Product family (Engineering Customer Care, and Marketing) or in an external Big Data solution.

"Mobile operators are desperate to collect meaningful subscriber experience metrics so that they can deliver a superior broadband service for their customers," said Andy Lovit, senior vice president of global sales and services at Procera. "Procera's unique ability to correlate subscriber-based intelligence coupled with our extensive broadband experience delivers significant value to engineering, marketing, and customer care teams at mobile operators."