Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fortinet Intros WLAN APs with Threat Protection and Analytics

Fortinet released seven new Wireless LAN Access Points aimed at retailers, branch offices and distributed enterprises.

Fortinet's new FortiAP Wireless Access Points combine the company's threat prevention technology with dual and triple stream MIMO 802.11ac. The company said the FortiAP Wireless LAN Access Points integrate seamlessly with its FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) products, eliminating the need for stand-alone network switches or wireless LAN controllers, greatly reducing complexity.

Going beyond just Wi-Fi access, FortiAP's can also be paired with Fortinet's FortiPresence Analytics solution, launched in August 2014, which delivers customer presence analytics to power the brick-and-mortar retail stores of the future. FortiPresence enables FortiAP's to function as a sensor that can analyze the location of foot traffic, distinguish between new or repeat visitors, provide historical and real-time data analysis and much more. Enabling innovative marketing engagement initiatives like social Wi-Fi access and smart digital signage, FortiPresence paired with FortiAP's enable retailers to optimize their businesses for the digital age and turning your network a competitive advantage.

"The launch of the new FortiAP Wireless LAN Access Points further bolsters Fortinet's industry-leading portfolio of hyper-secure solutions tailored for distributed enterprises," said John Maddison, Vice President, Marketing Products for Fortinet. "Fortinet's solutions go a step further than the competition, providing advanced services like FortiGuard real-time threat research and intelligence, streamlining complex networking infrastructures to ensure no downtime or interference with existing applications, and enabling deep analytics that make an organization's distributed network a competitive asset that delivers greater profitability."