Sunday, January 11, 2015

Finland's Ukko Networks Hits 507 Mbps in TDD LTE-A Trial

Ukko Networks, a mobile data operator in Finland, achieved a peak throughput of over 507Mbps in a trial of TDD LTE-A using 2*20Mhz carrier aggregation in the 2.6GHz band. Huawei supported the demonstration.

Huawei also showcased its Mate7 smart phone which is capable of handling a throughput of 200Mbps.

Last month, Ukko Networks launched the world’s first LTE 450MHz network in Finland, covering 99.98% of the country’s population.

Ukko Networks also plans to utilize the 50MHz LTE TDD frequency resource on the 2.6GHz band. Along with LTE-A technology, like CA and 4*4 MIMO, the LTE TDD network can provide a peak throughput of 507Mbps to a single user. By using a 450MHz and 2.6GHz LTE network, Ukko Networks will provide the widest LTE coverage and highest LTE throughput of any LTE network in Europe.

"Ukko Networks is clearly in a great position in the Finnish mobile market landscape, especially from a frequency resources point of view. After launching the best coverage network using LTE 450MHz technology, we will launch the LTE TDD 2.6GHz network, which aims to be the fastest network in Europe. It gives us high capacity and new added-value for this frequency in the use of mobile data. " said Antti Pellinen, CEO of Ukko Networks.

"As a strategic partner, Huawei not only provides end to end solutions to help Ukko Networks be the best in Finland’s mobile market, but also allows them to reduce their TCO and Opex, ultimately achieving business success in Finland’s telecom market." Said Mr. Yang Ge, Vice President of Huawei LTE TDD Product Line.

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