Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bell Labs Tunes its G.W.A.T.T. Energy Consumption Tool

Bell Labs released an updated version of its G.W.A.T.T. application, which helps operators plan for the energy consumption and efficiency of their networks.

Version 2.0 of G.W.A.T.T. (Global ‘What if’ Analyzer of NeTwork Energy ConsumpTion) offers greater flexibility in the way operators model their network evolution.  It will also allow them to better understand the impact on network energy consumption, cost and carbon footprint from greater use of new technologies, such as SDN and NFV, as well as high-bandwidth video and gaming applications.

Updates to the application include:

  • New methods of modelling the energy impact of introducing SDN and NFV virtualization technologies.
  • A way to model specific high-bandwidth apps such as video and gaming.
  • The ability to change traffic growth assumptions based on changing market conditions and an operator’s own network intelligence.
  • The ability to model phased network upgrades, selecting parts of the network to see the impact of a phased upgrade where before operators could only select 100% technology replacement.

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