Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Anuta Enhances Its Orchestration System for OpenStack, NFV, YANG

Anuta Networks, a start-up developing network orchestration systems, announced support for OpenStack, NFV and YANG modeling.

Anuta Networks NCX is an industry leading software solution designed to deliver complete network service orchestration for campus, branch, and data center networks by leveraging both physical and virtual devices across multi-vendor network infrastructures.

NCX 4.0 enhancements include:

  • OpenStack Support - Anuta NCX provides the ability to provision end-to-end L2-L7 network services on multi-vendor physical, virtual and software defined network devices. NCX ML2 plugin makes these network services available to OpenStack users by converting OpenStack Neutron requests into NCX network service APIs. Anuta ML2 plug-in allows customers to integrate their legacy as well as new infrastructures with OpenStack self-service frameworks.
  • NFV Support - NCX 4.0 introduces support for ETSI NFV (Network Function Virtualization) use-cases such as Virtual CPE, Virtual MPLS backbone and Edge networks, Virtual Data Center etc. NCX delivers the MANO functionality in the ETSI NFV architecture and supports on-demand service chaining of L4-L7 VNFs including Brocade, Vyatta, Cisco CSR1000V, Cisco Nexus 1000V, VMware DVS, Citrix NetScaler VPX, F5 BIG-IP, Juniper vSRX, Juniper Firefly, Radware ADC-VX and Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization. NCX also includes VNF Manager to customize the VNF configuration, scale on-demand and monitor the VNF performance and availability.
  • YANG Modeling Support - NCX 4.0 supports IETF YANG based data models. IETF standard YANG specified by RFC 6020 is a data modeling language used to model configuration and state data manipulated by the network configuration protocol (NETCONF). Customers and partners can extend the YANG based device and service models to rapidly customize the NCX deployments.
  • New Device Support - NCX 4.0 introduces support for Brocade, Vyatta 5400, 5600 series, Cisco XRV, Ericsson SSR 8000 series, Fortigate 3140, 3140B, Juniper MX-80 series, Alaxala AX-3650, AX1240, AX2530 and Apresia 15000 series.


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