Monday, August 4, 2014

Procera Brings Real-time, Mobile QoE Measurement to Handsets

Procera Networks introduced a new method for measuring mobile end-user experience by capturing real-time location and RAN QoE awareness data at the SIM card level.

Procera's RAN Perspectives is a software solution for mobile operators that provides real-time location and radio access network (RAN) quality of experience (QoE) data.  The method significantly reduces the number of probes that an operator would need to deploy in their network and reduces the need for expensive drive testing by capturing actual QoE data from subscribers. The thin software client could be loaded over the air to subscriber devices.  Real-time forensics on the RAN connection streams back to the mobile operator using the SMS channel. The solution integrates into Procera's PacketLogic platform for transforming the data into actionable analysis of quality, congestion, applications, and out-of-coverage hotspots in the mobile network.

"RAN Perspectives was developed to solve one of the biggest challenges for mobile operators, providing real-time location and quality information in a cost-effective manner that they can use to deliver higher quality mobile broadband services," said Alexander Haväng, CTO of Procera Networks. "RAN Perspectives is the first Procera product designed specifically for mobile Subscriber quality of experience, and integrates tightly into our existing PacketLogic solutions, including our Customer Care Insights offering that can now deliver real-time forensics on the RAN connection as well as on the data connection for mobile devices."

RAN Perspectives is available for beta testing, and is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2015.

Overture Intros 8-Slot 6500 Service Aggregation/Switching Platform

Overture introduced an 8-slot version of its 6500 service aggregation and switching platform, which can be used to deliver Carrier Ethernet over any access method, including fiber, E-Access, copper, SONET, and TDM, with full resiliency.

The 6500 is a key component of Overture’s Ensemble Open Services Architecture (Ensemble OSA), an open platform for service automation and network virtualization. Ensemble orchestration and control software activates the Overture 6500 to build connectivity in the OSA between end customers and virtualized network functions.

The newly introduced 6508 8-slot chassis joins the 3-slot 6504 released in 2013 and uses the same interface modules and processors. The 6508 chassis can serve combinations of up to 192 1GigE and 18 10GigE optical, 768 Ethernet over Copper pairs, 32 Ethernet over SONET, 2688 Ethernet over DS1s from a single 19” chassis.

Overture also noted its latest 6500 software release adds cross-card bonding capabilities for copper and TDM groups to the 6500’s existing cross-card link aggregation and cross-card G.8032v2 Ethernet ring capabilities. Cross-card bonding improves resiliency and eliminates the need for service providers to move pairs from one card to another when addressing pair growth. The 6500 cross-card bonding approach consumes no additional card slots and requires no dedicated switching cards, which means service providers don’t pay a premium for high availability and easy growth.

“The latest enhancements to the 6500, together with our Ensemble OSA, demonstrates how Overture is helping create a fundamentally new approach for service creation, activation and assurance,” said Brian van Voorhis, Senior Product Manager, Overture. “As operators begin to realize the benefits of SDN and NFV integration, we are committed to providing a ubiquitous Carrier Ethernet foundation at the metro service edge so that our customers achieve unmatched service agility and operational efficiency today and for the future.”

Time Warner Cable Promises Up to 6X Broadband Speed Boost in 2015

Time Warner Cable (TWC) promised a major speed boost for its cable modem subscribers in seven markets in 2015: Charlotte, Dallas, Hawaii, Kansas City, Raleigh, San Antonio and San Diego.

These markets will join Los Angeles, New York City and recently announced Austin, where the DOCSIS 3.0 service transformation – known as "TWC Max".  TWC is promising Internet speeds up to six times faster than before.

Customers who subscribe to any of the six Internet plans will receive an increase in speeds at no additional cost, with customers experiencing increases up to six times faster, depending on their current level of speed. For example, customers who subscribe to Standard Service, formerly up to 15 Mbps, will now receive up to 50 Mbps, and customers who subscribe to the Ultimate plan, formerly up to 100 Mbps, will receive up to 300 Mbps – three times their current speeds, at no extra charge. Some customers will need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem to enjoy the full benefits of the speed increases.

“We are committed to reinventing the TWC service experience market-by-market, and we’re pleased to announce the expansion of our efforts to these seven key markets,” said Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Robert D. Marcus. “We want our customers to know a new experience is coming that brings them super-fast Internet speeds and a more advanced TV product. Maxx starts with a top-to-bottom network evaluation to ensure optimum performance and rock-solid network reliability, and includes a best-in-class customer experience.”

NTT Com Signs NVIDIA for Hong Kong Data Hub

NVIDIA is using NTT Communications' Hong Kong data centre facilities and Arcstar Global Leased line service as its data hub across the region.

The extended service provides NVIDIA with high speed point-to-point Ethernet leased line with up to 10Gbs capability, which is delivered over an automatic re-routable cable network. This offers its regional hub in Hong Kong dedicated, secure and reliable connectivity with its offices in Asia Pacific and across the globe. The secure private network is also backed by Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) and PC-1 for an ultra-low latency path to the rest of the world.

Tony Chang, NVIDIA APAC IT Infrastructure Manager said, “We have always had a longstanding relationship with NTT Communications that has grown over the last six years. Its high quality data centre has been instrumental in helping us house our data assets, while providing reliable support for business continuity across the region. In particular, we value the role the Professional Services team has played in guiding us through the relocation and migration of IT equipment.

Docker Sells its dotCloud PaaS Business to cloudControl

Berlin-based cloudControl agreed to acquire Docker Inc's dotCloud PaaS (platform as a service) business.  Financial terms were not disclosed.

Docker, which entered the PaaS business in 2011, said it is now entirely focused on the the Docker container project.

“While we need to focus our resources to truly seize the opportunity behind the Docker project, it was very important to us to provide a smooth transition for the dotCloud PaaS customers,” said Ben Golub, CEO, Docker, Inc. “cloudControl has years of experience running a world class PaaS, and distinguished themselves by the depth of their dedication to investing in the dotCloud platform and customer base. With cloudControl taking over, customers can continue to rely on the dotCloud PaaS for their mission critical applications.”

AT&T Plans Fiber Broadband Rollout in Sprint's Home Town

AT&T confirmed plans to expand its GigaPower network to the City of Overland Park, Kansas -- it first all-fiber rollout in the state. The all-fiber network will provide services featuring symmetrical upload and download broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps.

"AT&T has been meeting the needs of residents and businesses in the Overland Park area for more than a century. Deployment of this ultra-fast broadband service is just the latest step in delivering the newest technology to the community," said Mike Scott, vice president-external affairs for AT&T Kansas.