Friday, January 31, 2014

Time Warner Cable Boosts Performance in NYC and LA

Time Warner Cable boosted its consumer Internet and TV services in New York City and Los Angeles with faster speeds.

Under the initiative, TWC will upgrade network connection sites (referred to as hubs) in NYC and LA to ensure optimum service levels are delivered to every neighborhood. Each TWC hub serves thousands of customers with phone, video and data services. The first four hubs to receive upgrades are those that service customers in West Hollywood and Costa Mesa in California, and portions of Woodside (in Queens) and Staten Island in New York.

Additionally, TWC will begin to convert its network in Los Angeles to “all-digital” by removing all remaining analog TV channels. This process opens up new bandwidth in the network to be redeployed for faster broadband speeds and other enhanced services. In 2013, TWC completed an all-digital network conversion in New York City.