Saturday, December 13, 2014

Qwilt Launches NFV-based Caching and Acceleration for Mobile Video

Qwilt, a provider of online video delivery and analytics solutions, introduced a new software defined networking (SDN)-based open caching and acceleration suite designed to address the unique challenges of over-the-top (OTT) video delivery for mobile service providers.

Qwilt Mobile Video Fabric enables dynamic caching of unmanaged and managed streams of video content on mobile networks. The company said its open caching solution, which can be deployed either at a centralized (Gi/SGi) level or distributed (eNodeB) level, will extract the most value and capacity from existing mobile network infrastructure by improving network effective capacity by up to 35 percent.

The Qwilt Mobile Video Fabric reduces network latency, improves throughput and addresses complicated mobile video RAN and backhaul challenges such as packet loss and congestion. Key attributes:

  • Caching efficiency. Based on open caching technology that has been proven in networks worldwide, the Qwilt Mobile Video Fabric now extends Qwilt’s expertise to benefit mobile networks, a necessity in light of proliferation of long-form, professionally produced content such as Netflix and Amazon in mobile networks.
  • TCP acceleration. Tuned specifically for radio network conditions, the Qwilt Mobile Video Fabric optimizes TCP for accurate and timely mobile video delivery.
  • Any video format. Qwilt’s QB-Series Video Fabric Controller software is built to cache both video-on-demand (VOD) and live video content on mobile networks.
  • High performance software. Qwilt’s high performance software can run in a network function virtualization (NFV) environment on any platform as an open cache virtualized network function (VNF) or on dedicated COTS hardware platforms, providing a flexible solution for mobile video caching that can be deployed in various network locations based on operator requirements.

“Mobile network operators (MNOs) now face a strategic challenge as a result of the surge and demand for streaming video. Their networks require an open caching solution designed from the ground up for video,” said Alon Maor, Qwilt CEO.

“Our proven solution delivers substantial bandwidth capacity benefits each day to network operators worldwide. We’re pleased to announce the Qwilt Mobile Video Fabric, an open caching solution tailored for mobile video that MNOs can deploy to improve mobile network capacity while saving significantly as they scale their networks. Most importantly, caching mobile content closer to consumers also delivers improved QoE—a win-win for both operators and consumers alike.”

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