Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Juniper Announces Open Compute Project Switch

Juniper Networks introduced an Open Compute Project (OCP) powered by its Junos software and Broadcom's Trident II silicon.

The Juniper OCX1100, which was developed by ODM partner Alpha Networks of Taiwan, is designed for top-of-rack deployments in hyperdense cloud data centers.  It offers 48 10GbE port and 6 40GbE uplink ports in a fixed configuration chassis. The OCX1100 runs an optimized version of Junos, based on Linux, which delivers the features required for deployment in L3 networks.

Some other highlights:

  • Open, standards-based programmatic interfaces, including Python, which allows custom scripts and applications to interact with Junos.
  • Support for native installation of tools in Junos, including Puppet and Chef, which enables automated programming and provisioning.
  • Real time ephemeral table programming to Junos software development kits (SDK).
  • Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) that enables disaggregation and loading of third-party network operating systems, freeing customers from vendor lock in.
  • Commercial availability is expected in Q1 2015

Juniper said the real innovation with this offering is that for the first time a white box switch conforming to the Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware design has been combined with a carrier-class network operating system -- its Junos OS. The switch is aimed at large cloud builders, such as Web 2.0 and web-hosting companies. Juniper technical support services will back the hardware and software, lowering risk and increasing reliability for customers.

"The introduction of the OCX1100 is an example of Juniper Networks not only embracing the disruption brought on by emerging cloud technologies, but also moving the industry forward by providing the largest cloud providers with a viable option to create cost-effective and reliable large scale data centers. We remain committed to constant innovation and building open products that provide our customers with the technology they need today and in the future," stated Mike Marcellin, senior vice president, strategy and marketing, Juniper Networks.

"The rise of cloud and massive data centers presents an opportunity to fundamentally change enterprise business models -- if organizations can build cost-effective data centers that scale. Our partner, Juniper Networks, has met demands like this by delivering innovative technologies -- so I am not at all surprised to see them disaggregate the 'traditional' data center switch and become the first major networking provider to deliver a switch based on Open Compute Project guidelines," added - Martin Casado, senior vice president and general manager, Network and Security Business Unit, VMware